CHRYSLER'S AERODYNAMIC WIND TUNNEL TEST REPORT:  Gary & Pam Beineke built their 1971(G-Series) wingcars based upon results found in a report of secret wind tunnel tests conducted by Chrysler in early 1970 on the new 71 Dodge and Plymouth B-bodies.No full scale cars were ever built...until now.         

 All of Pam & Gary's creations have been featured in Mopar Action, Mopar Collector's Guide,Mopar Enthusiast, Musclecar Enthusiast, Mopar Max, Hot Rod TV, and most notably, four of their 'Phantoms" have been featured in Hot Rod Magazine.  

G-SERIES DESIGNS: After building the 71 Wingcars, Pam & Gary continued the theme of creating 'what if' cars with XCON, a one of a kind, 71 GTX convertible concept. In 2008, Pam & Gary completed the SRT-71/SERPENT, another 'what if' concept of their vision of a new Charger. In 2009, they finished their next project, JET X, a 1971-2 GTX Plymouth Exterior Styling studio car, built using photos from 1968 & 9, and featured on the cover of Mopar Action. In 2010, their next project, a 3rd gen tribute to the Bobby Isaac, K&K Insurance Daytona, was the subject of a multi-issue chronicle of the build in Mopar Enthusiast magazine, seen in Hot Rod Magazine's 'Project Garage' section followed by their coverage of the Loring Timing Assoc. land speed event, Maxton Mile event in April, setting a land speed record of 209.4 mph, It was also subject of a cover/feature in Mopar Action, and shown on track at Talladega, Darlington, Louden, Indy, and Atlanta Speedways. In 2011, the 71 Concept Charger, built using styling studio photos from 1969, was debuted in the "T" bldg at Carlisle, followed by a feature in Mopar Action. 2012: G&P debuted the '43' G-Series Race Superbird with Pam running a land speed record at 201.6 mph and getting the cover of Mopar Action. In 2014, Mopar Action featured Pam's 95 Ram-restyled with 1940's Powerwagon parts and styling elements.  

CURRENT PROJECT(s): Pam's new ride is a 71 Charger Daytona nostalgia funny car-custom built for land speed racing.  Powered by a 528 KB-10, Veney heads, 14-71 Hi Helix supercharger alcohol fired Hemi.  With over 2500HP, she'll be looking to break 300mph in 2017.  Check out Bruce Anliker's rendition in the photo section.  see the new HD Videos of the Race Superbird, and K&K Daytona's land speed runs and windtunnel tests, 71 Superbird, JetX and the SRT-71 in the race and car video section.  Be sure to link over to our Youtube channel and see the rest of the videos. 


Building cars together since 1979, and still going strong. Both have set numerous land speed records over 200 mph.